Publication Guidelines


I.General Rules

1-The printed and electronic manuscripts must be delivered by a letter of application to the Institute with detailed information of the author including title, institution, communication address, telephone number and fax.

2-The manuscripts should not be published before by another journal or be submitted to another institution at the same time. The manuscripts must be suitable to scientific research and publication ethics criteria. With the beginning of acceptance process, the Journal of Atatürk Yolu has all the copyrights.

3-After the manucripts submitted to the journal, they are first evaluated by Editorial Board, sent to referees and in accordance with the comments and suggestions of the referees, the manuscripts may be approved, sent back to authors for eventual modification or rejected.

4-In case of intense application of manuscripts, the manuscripts can be published in the next issues with the consent of the author.

5-Five journals are sent to the author for free.

II. Writing Format

a) The title of manuscripts should be clear and short, written in 14 font size, bold with capital letters and centered.

b) The name of the author should be written in the form of three lines space after the title with 12 font size, bold and right aligned. The author’s title and address should be indicated in footnote with (*) or (**) without abbreviations.

c) The “ABSTRACT” word should be written with 10 font size, bold, italic and centered with two lines space after the name of the author. After the abstract word, a single space blank should be left and a summary outlining the main points of the journal should be written in maximum 200 words. At the end of the abstract, at least five, at most eight keywords should be written following the title of “Keywords”.

d) After the key words, there should be single space blank and the English title of the journal should be written with 12 font size and capital letters in the form of bold and centered. After single space blank, “ABSTRACT” and “Keywords” parts should be written similar to Turkish version of abstract and keywords. There should be opposite of this process for the journals written in English.

e) The manuscripts should be written in A4 format with 2.5 spaces from top, bottom, right and left and in Times New Roman font, 12 font size and single spaced. The paragraph indentation should be 1.5 cm inside and the spaces between the paragraphs should be 1.5 space.

f) The manuscripts should be organized in the following order: “Introduction”, Chapters, “Conclusion”, “Bibliography” and “Appendix”. The headlines in the journal should be written in 12 font size, bold, without spaces and only the initials of the title should be written in capital letters. The subheadings should be written in a hierarchical structure and uniformity in the journal should be provided. Quotations should be in quotation marks, quotations less than five lines should be written between the lines and quotations longer than five lines should be written in 1 cm inside and 11 point font with single line.

g) Footnotes should be given under the same page in the following format.

E.g.1)  Temuçin Faik Ertan, Kadrocular ve Kadro Hareketi, Kültür Bakanlığı Yayınları, Ankara, 1994, s. 241.

E.g.2)  Bige Sükan,  “Türk Kurtuluş Savaşı Sırasında Fransa’nın Anadolu’daki Çıkarları ve Ermeniler”, Ermeni Araştırmaları Dergisi, C. III, Sayı: 9 (Bahar 2003), s.147.

E.g.3)  Ertan, a.g.e., s.245.

E.g.4)  Sükan, a.g.m., s. 150.

E.g.5)  Mümtaz Faik Fenik, “Dünya Harbi Bitti”, Ulus, 15 Ağustos 1945, s. 1.

If the same work in two consecutive notes is on the same page, “the same place” should be used.

If there is more than one work, in the next footnote:

E.g.6)  Ertan, Kadrocular ve Kadro Hareketi, s. 245.

h) The sources/references used in the journal should be indicated at the end as “BIBLIOGRAPHY” in capital letters with 12 font size and alphabetized by the author’s last name.

E.g.1)  Çapa, Mesut, “Cumhuriyet’in İlk Yıllarında Tarih Öğretimi”, Ankara Üniversitesi Türk İnkılap Tarihi Enstitüsü Atatürk Yolu Dergisi, C. XV, Sayı: 29-30 (Mayıs-Kasım 2002), s. 39-55.

E.g.2) Turan, Şerafettin, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, Bilgi Yayınevi, Ankara, 2004.

The types of work included in the bibliography should be organized in the following order and titles:

  • Archives
  • Official Publications
  • Books
  • Articles
  • Periodicals
  • Thesis
  • Encyclopedias and Dictionaries
  • Internet Resources
  • Oral History Interviews


i) Appendix should be indicated at the end of the journal and there should be a short information about the content of the document and the resource of the document should be written in accordance with scientific citation rules below the appendix.

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